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Karn Aanug (KA) is a gaming community whose origins date back to mid-2007 and formed within the PvMP aspect of Lord of the Rings Online. The guild name "Karn Aanug" is Black Speech for Red Dawn.

Currently, we are a guild within Guild Wars 2 (GW2) on the European Piken Square server. In other words, we are a community who thrive on the aspect of battle in strategy games. We love the insanity of battle and live life to the fullest each moment within it.

Over the years we have really developed a fantastic community, when the action becomes intense we execute our strategy with extreme discipline & tact. We also pride ourselves on having a casual approach to gaming as a whole, our ultimate goal is to have fun.

In battle, we specialize in elite team engagements whether it is best suited as an all out Scrub/Elite campaign or in separate groups in a joint offensive. We continually strive to be among the elite PvPers in the any game we play.

We practice melee-centric raid-play, that by splitting our forces but working side-by-side we negate all limitations and maintain our coordinated and efficient war-band.

If you want to join, first make sure you are an experienced denizen of Player Combat. "Why is that?", you might ask.

First of all, we don’t want to be the biggest guild around. The most efficient war-band is a small group, which charge and stick together. The larger the group, the harder this kind of coordination becomes.

Second, life in PvP is short and painful. We must be able to rely on each other, and one mistake can cause the ungainly death of many. So experience is paramount to succeed.

Lastly, I’d like to add how I discourage people to run to save their lives when the order was to charge. If we die, we die as a team, which is our main advantage over the enemy; they run rather than risk a defeat. We have won battles against enemies who outnumbered us because we charged them and they panicked.

The Guild is most active during 1 pm GMT to 8+ pm GMT.

Our gaming schedule is decided by our guild's raid leaders on a week by week basis. Every member is able to plan, decide a date, and a time to as long as they are able to lead it.

For those who do so often, they are promoted to Raid Leader and able to do so much easier (with proper permissions). We have seen that this provides greater freedom for our leaders and less of a repetitive, draining, environmental for our members. Because of this, we often experiment with additional games and new creative missions that give life to the community.

- Harmonizer 2016 -


  1. Guild Structure
  2. Raiding Style
  3. Recruitment
  4. Multiple Guilds
  5. Alternate Characters
  6. Promotions
  7. Activity
  8. Retirement
  9. Disciplinary Process
  10. Diplomatic Guests
  11. Guild Ranks (In-Game / Forums)

1. Guild Structure

Karn Aanug is composed of one Guild Leader, with a modest amount of Recruiters and Raid Leaders.

The Guild Leader is responsible, with the help of officers, for the leadership, vision, and direction of the guild. The GL handles the majority of major disciplinary actions.

Raid Leader are responsible for brainstorming, organizing, and engaging missions. Raid Leaders also support each other during missions as secondary leaders.

Recruiters are responsible for both guild recruitment and keeping up with new members. They review, interview, and accept/deny applicants while keeping recruitment policies up-to-date.

2. Raiding Style

Our Guild follows a melee-centric raiding system, rather than a regular balanced raid, we focus more on plowing through groups of enemies. Our general mindset simply entails, "No fear."

During main engagements in PvP, our Guild is mostly comprised of:

AoE Short to Mid Range DPS, utilizing mostly soft CC with infrequent hard CC to maximize it's use in combat. We'll also have a gank squad nearby the raid to kill off stragglers, high priority targets, and general scouting. Our support includes tank and healer builds to minimize incoming damage and maximize combat up-time.

3. Recruitment

The Guild has a comprehensive, yet simple recruitment method. An Applicant will click the "apply to guild" link in the upper right corner of this website to apply after reading about the Guild.

Officers will review your application and inform you of our decision within one week. If yes, you will receive the guild tag. If we require more information, we will conduct an interview via the in game mailing system, whispers in game, or via your application on our website.

4. Multiple Guilds

Karn Aanug wholeheartedly desires loyal members, so the issue of allowing multi-guilded members is a bit controversial. On a case-by-case basis, we may allow some applicants to become members. However, we normally do not recruit anyone in multiple guilds.

The reason being, our community is tightly knit, responsive, and helpful. The last thing we need are people taking advantage of our hospitality. We expect members to help each other; therefore, being in multiple guilds makes this type of community dysfunctional at best, exploited at worst.

So to be able to join KA while in multiple guild(s), you either must have earned a Major amount of trust or have an extremely trustworthy friend to vouch for you.

Lastly, because trade is extremely important to KA, we will allow members to join Merchant Guilds for the ability to sell / buy items. Only so long as the merchant guild is secondary and KA primary will this be supported.

5. Alternate Characters

The Guild does not have a set limit on alternate characters after becoming a member, but we strongly suggest sticking to one character.

6. Promotions

The Guild's promotions work on an application system. We have a Guild Administration Board detailing each position with vacancies. If a member desires to be of service and help the community they can submit an application. The leader will review the application, and if accepted will work with the applicant to find the best way they can help.

7. Activity

Karn Aanug desires its members to be active! Members should try to be online at least twice a week. If a two-week inactivity occurs without notice (Ie: Holiday, Real-Life, in-game "Retirement", etc..) they risk being kicked from the Guild.

At the moment KA fields about 10 Active players, 15 at peak, 5 during holidays. (Updated January 2016)

8. "Retirement"

We all know we cannot game indefinitely and we respect people's right to retire from the game. With that said, the Karn Aanug offers its members the ability to retire. If a person retires from the game, we respect their inactivity. They will retain their rank within the guild as a member or officer and be allowed to go dormant from the game, yet log in on those special occasions and still be a part of the Guild.

9. Disciplinary Process

Karn Aanug has a zero tolerance policy on idiocy and people in the guild who give us a bad name.

We have both a complex and simple process.


No Idiots! - Anyone who gives us a bad name will be kicked. We have an infraction system in place, but for simplicity.. it only takes two members or one officer to tell me that someone is behaving badly before I will give them a warning. A player is only allowed a single warning. I have zero tolerance for drama.


Minor Infractions: Include but not limited to - harassment, excessively vulgar or inappropriate behavior, starting drama or flame fests in game or on the forums, or any other reasonable equivalent.

Major Infractions: Include but not limited to - hacking, actions which break EULA or the Code of Conduct, repeated harassment, or any other reasonable equivalent.

An officer can award minor infractions without deferring to the guild's administration. All major disciplinary measures require a majority vote of the Officers and Leader. In the event of the punishment being a guild dismissal, a unanimous vote of the Administration is required. No person may be dismissed from the guild without this process.

All members, sub-officers, officers, and guild leaders are subject to the rules and regulations of the guild, including the disciplinary process. In the event of a major infraction involving an officer or guild leader, that person will be removed from the disciplinary process, and if found to have violated a guild rule, will be stripped of rank in addition to any punishment incurred.

Disciplinary Actions:

*Minor Infractions:

First offense: Warning or any other reasonable equivalent.

Second offense: Review with administration on guild removal. Possibility of removal.

Third offense: Second Review with administration on guild removal. Possibility of removal.

Fourth offense: elevation to Major Infraction. Ie: Guild Removal.

**Major Infractions:

First offense: Guild Removal.

Infraction history is kept for 12 months from the time of infraction. After that time the history is wiped clean or the 12 month period is restarted from the next most recent infraction.

10. Diplomatic Guests

If you wish to perform diplomatic actions with the guild, please use the Casual Forum for diplomatic relations on this site.

11. Guild Ranks

  1. General
  2. Raid Leader
  3. Recruiter
  4. Member

Forum Ranks:

  1. General
  2. Officer
  3. Sub Officer ( Raid Leader / Recruiter)
  4. Member