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Murgen Templar

Rank: Member
Online: over 1 year ago
Joined: Sep 19, 2010
Nick Name: Murgen
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
I started playing as the warg Fluffer. Unfortunately still ranked as 7 because of lack of time. Need another 38k to get rank 8. I have more characters if a raid requires specific needs but my fav is the warg.

I play now and then and usually only in Etten. Do my stuff to run quests and join a group occasionally. I miss the old times with nice working raids and hate the way the dev's made the freeps better and better (but not by real skills but stupid overrated commands).

I started LOTRO in January 2007 in the first open beta and signed up as founding member in April 2007.
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Rules? In Etten-Moors there are no rules