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[Pinned] Twitch / Streaming Info

Livestreaming is not my forte, so please bear with me and add in suggestions. 8)At the moment we are using as our streaming service, if someone knows a better one feel free to comment. Make an account and you can begin getting this start...
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Help and Support

[Pinned] Guide: Basic mumble installation/connection

Download the mumble client located here, mumble is open source so you should never have to pay for the client.-I will be using windows 7 64bit although the same general principles apply-No flashy download now button as of 06/06/2012 but underneath...
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Help and Support

Lotro creep plugins

Can someone point me to the useful plugins for creep play? Much appriciated!
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Help and Support

The Piken TS

Hello!The addy to the Piken TS is: has its own channel there and we can use that now instead of Mumble since Mumble is down right now. You need to ask in mapchat for approval to join it!
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Help and Support

Site Update Jan 10, 2014

Give me feedback on colors and additions.I want to add a better background but I'm not very artsy... the site is a lil transparenty.. if I ad a full on background. At the moment the banner is invisible and the Karn Aanug "banner" is actually the w...
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Help and Support

Steam and crashes

Last few days i had quite some problems with some games on steam and crashes. Since i finally managed to fix it i decided to share my experience with others here.It all started with planetside 2 completely freezing my pc on startup. So bad that i ...
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