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#11762016 Nov 17, 2015 at 11:17 AM
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Karn Aanug is back in action!

Be ready to kick some ass every Sunday led by various leaders.

Soon PvE raids will be lead weekly (if worth it).

Recruitment is on the table. We are now openly recruiting and advertising after leading raids. Thereby keeping recruitment spam to a minimum.

We're going to get involved in both Pug Raiding and Guild Raiding to shake off the rust, recruit, and be involved with the immediate community while we play.

If you need any advice on your build, post a query to the GW2 Build Forum. Same if you want to set up or show off a specific build for raiding (PvE or WvW).

The Guild Hall is going to be an extended work in progress without any pressure. Donate what you want, when you want. If you want to.

Welcome Back KA!

See you in game,

- Harmonizer

Guild Leader and General of Karn Aanug

"If pvmp was with rolls, Harmo would wtfpwn an entire freep raid alone, all 1x1, Harmo 6x6, or maybe 7x7 even, since [he] bypasses physics and mathematics" - Mambralade

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