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#9840416 Aug 05, 2014 at 09:00 PM
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Hi all! Here's a short recap of what we talked about on the meeting today. The meeting had a nice large turnout, it was a happy surprise :) Nice to talk to all again.

1. There's a KA twitch that Harmonizer has passwords to. If anyone is interested in having access, give him a hollar about that.

2. We discussed trying to do Guild Missions with another guild. There's a possible guild for this that I will approach and talk about this with. This guild is Inner Monkey (IM).

3. We'll set up a weekly event on Wednesday evenings starting 8pm British time. This is a WvW event and will be anything we want it to be for that evening. Don't expect anyone to tag up though in the guild :) We might run with a small group, or group up and follow whatever open raid there is on the maps.

4. If you want your KA tag on the public TS, let me or Moria Soria know, and we'll sort your tags.

5. The huge amount of siege that is in the Guild bank will be used for our weekly events (if we feel we need to.)

6. KA will not recruit. If someone for some reason still wants to join (like some friend of yours or something) I don't see why not though. But no open recruitment.

P.S. I'm gonna be gone for two weeks starting this coming Saturday, but I'll set up the events for Wednesdays in advance.

#9885671 Aug 16, 2014 at 02:33 PM
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FYI I will most likely be recording when we are doing stuff, also I have an event I plan to release in mid-late September. Preorder starts 1st September and kickstarter has already begun!

Still on the drawing board, so wont say much about it yet, but it will be about KA, its members and most likely some GW2 ^^

I start studying Computer Science in September, so I may push it back to October, if the workload is more than I can handle.
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#9889160 Aug 17, 2014 at 12:01 PM
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Heya folks

Good recap, sorry i wasn't able to make it in the end.. past couple of weeks been having some major drama at work which i have had to deal with.

I am not active in GW2 anymore but may pop in every now and again (if only to clear my inbox from the 1000's of veggie burgers that i get sent on a daily basis)

We have a YouTube, twitch, twitter and Facebook that can be used for whatever and you are all welcome to use the mumbles.

We have quite a relaxed recruitment policy at the moment, as far as i am aware the guild is not actively recruiting however if someone does want to join i feel it would be good for us to accept them?

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#9893109 Aug 18, 2014 at 09:28 AM
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That sounds awesome Khadras, I look forward to that. Let me know if you want any help with stuff!

About letting people join, I think we should let them too, long as they understand fully what they are joining. Don't want people to get the wrong idea. We are no longer the WvW guild we used to be after all, we don't have the numbers for that.
#9943137 Aug 29, 2014 at 05:33 PM
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Changed the Wednesday WvW night-time to 7pm British time start instead. Better for those that live east of UK, and people can just show up when they can anyway.
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