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Karn Annug went on a long arduous journey across the Russian countryside in Dayz standalone, we came across many obstacle including hunger, thirst and navigation.. But thanks to good teamwork and planning we completed it.

The journey took us 4 hours starting from the furthest east, all the way to the west. Thanks to all who attended!

We started off with around 10 members but many slowly left due to having to log off, Khadras died of starvation.. The rest of us pushed on despite us only being 4 and demoralized, it was Grugnug, Crow, Angriff and StrangerUK who got to the end.

Steam: StrangerUK

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#9040884 Feb 01, 2014 at 09:34 AM
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yeah thats the problem with dayz, takes to long to group up and travel so most log off before the end.
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We should probably regroup on Thursday and loot Berezino or whatever is near our rally point for drinks and foods and do event next evening.
This way we could avoid wasting time running from 12500 km from Kamenka to Bere.
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