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On Friday 24 in January 2014..

After the harrowing experience of attempting to play DayZ during the night-time without any light source... we found a decent daytime server!

Harmo and deadAluz were able to meet up at Dubrovka

Stranger Uk, Angriff, and Stevens were able to meet up at Berezino

We quickly found that the new update to stomach mechanics may have bugged our characters to be eternal gluttonous fatasses.. after searching for a meager amount of food we quickly set off to regroup with each other at Kelm.

At Kelm we found a poor solo soul hiding in a shed, which... unfortunately we murdered.... because we were in need of foooooooooood!!

He had 2 can openers and a med kit... and some other decent items... and a couple guns.

But next to no food....

We spread the wealth as well as we could.

As we moved together... desperately jumping from house to house in search of more omnoms we finally achieved a decent amount to push for an airfield to get equipment.

After reaching the airfield successfully and with no other people in sight, we scoured the area for any decent items... unfortunately the area had very little to offer.

SUDDENLY, Stranger jumps off the top of a building... thinking he could fly he falls to his death...

Upon inquiry he says, "wtf, I just flew off the house for no reason."

Clearly he wanted to sacrifice himself so we could have more omnoms for ourselves.

As we were preparing to leave...

Angriff gets shot and falls unconscious, "WHAT THE F***?!?!" he says... "someone shot me"

Everyone gets into cover, confused and scared.

"Where did he shoot you from?!!"

Angriff, "I think it came from the hangers!"

Everyone takes up positions.

Harmo goes ahead to scout...

Everyone behind Harmo gets picked off one by one...

When Harmo turns around to check for his friends, he gets shot in the face...

And thus our adventure ended in tragedy.

An hilarious and rage inducing tragedy.
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