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[Pinned] Change in mumble details

Dear membersShivtr have changed its mumble servers, new mumble is here"Address: Port: 20012 "I am seeking new channel names. So please share your suggestions hereBest wishes-Grug
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[Pinned] Twitch / Streaming Info

Livestreaming is not my forte, so please bear with me and add in suggestions. 8)At the moment we are using as our streaming service, if someone knows a better one feel free to comment. Make an account and you can begin getting this start...
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[Pinned] Hall of Fame
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[Pinned] Hall of Fame

Guild Emblem Contest:Winner - YemoraScreenshot Contest - Beauty:Winner - HarmonizerScreenshot Contest - Warfare:Winner - Stevens
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[Pinned] List of Twitch Streams and YouTubes

This thread contains a link to the various streams that broadcast bits of KA footage:Youtube Channels - Harmonizers Channel - Penuils Channel
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[Pinned] Guide: Basic mumble installation/connection

Download the mumble client located here, mumble is open source so you should never have to pay for the client.-I will be using windows 7 64bit although the same general principles apply-No flashy download now button as of 06/06/2012 but underneath...
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Guild Leadership

[Pinned] Guild Board and Functions

Leader Position - ClosedHarmonizerOfficer PositionsRaid Leaders - Open Khadras Caleb Butch Recruiters - Open Soria Nerfy Sadtwig Media - Closed Khadras Web Help - Open Krytenn Retired Officers Ymgarl - Leader Brunt - Media Officer Celob - Raid...
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Viscera Cleanup Detail in for a multiplayer evening of this? This is one of the most stupid ideas i've seen for a game, it's brilliant.It's a space janitor simulation, where you're sent to cleanup sci-fi FPS levels after t...
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Musical discussion and suggestion

So its been irking me for awhile now about the musical preferences of the members of the guild, seemingly i have a tad bit of an obsession with getting to people through music and i thought it'd be nice to have a musical discussion and suggestion ...
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Picture battle thread

*viewer discretion is advised*Anyone remember the picture battle thread on the old codies forums?Well i am reviving it so i can do something while i work! The rules are pretty simple, your picture has to beat the picture previous.I use o...
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LOTRO after the server move

Well, I just logged in to see how it is but even a 5 to 5 fight gives lag.Plus Turbine did not moved servers to Europe, we moved to a data center somewhere in New Jersey. Very disappointing. The merger of servers give a lot of activity, but the ru...
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SC Alpha 2.2.1 is live

Sabre included and bounty hunter system live. Fun for all!
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The Division - Beta impressions

So this weekend we had the beta for The Division - a coop game made by Ubisoft (fu uPlay).For those who do not know, the game is set up in modern New York after a viral outbreak (no fucking zombies, thank god). The disease raged through the city a...
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KA skiing team

So,I'm a sucker for winter sports, even though it's been a while now, since the irish mountains don't compare too favourably to the Alps of my youth.This game there was on paid alpha for ages on Steam, but it has now come out in beta in free-to-pl...
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Star Citizen Arena 2.1 live

I have been testing for about 3 weeks. 2.1 is fairly stable and it gives you a taste of the seamless universe which is indeed a fully working concept. Makes me very happy, some missions are in there to keep you busy. Several ships available includ...
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Elite Specialization Run Event

Hey, I have worked on a route to obtain 250 skill points via hero challenges in approximately 2 and a half hours. All you need is an alt that needs skill points that has access to [Shipwreck Peak Waypoint] in verdant brink. (Remember you can gain ...
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New PC build

Hey everyone in KA, long time no talk! Hope yere all getting on okay :)Finally getting around to building a new PC rig for gaming and design work now that I'm doing Game Art and Design in uni. Trying to get as many second opinions on it as I can a...
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Today Webbetje asked about Harmonizer and Nerfy ...
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Star Citizen First Planet Side Area (alpha open)

ScreenShot0001 by murgenetemplar, on FlickrScreenShot0000 by murgenetemplar, on FlickrScreenShot0003 by murgenetemplar, on FlickrScreenShot0002 by murgenetemplar, on Flickr
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Karn Aanug is Back in Black!

< Queue Music >Karn Aanug is back in action!Be ready to kick some ass every Sunday led by various leaders.Soon PvE raids will be lead weekly (if worth it).Recruitment is on the table. We are now openly recruiting and advertising after leadin...
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Casual Discussion

Latest GW2 Drama some of you might get a kick out of this. The comments on the first youtube video are good for some laughs as ...
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